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Confidence in your teeth affects how you relate to, both personally and professionally. Hide your smile because of missing teeth? Do you have trouble chewing?

Dental implant or artificial root is the most fashionable way to replace lost or damaged tooth. A surgical procedure is done, and their placement is made in the bone under the gum. Their integration into the body lasts up to six months to restore crowns, bridges or dentures mobilized.

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  • Replace your missing teeth
  • Get back your confidence
  • Stop bone loss
  • Natural looking



Patients should be in good general health conditions for implant placement is through a surgical procedure. To be successful bone integration of implants, it requires good periodontal conditions. Therefore patients with gum disease such as diabetes or those who smoke are with a high degree of failure. A very important thing you need to realize it patients who will benefit from these dental services: hygiene of this procedure must be performed after excellence. Brushing should be done meticulously and repeatedly after every meal, especially in the morning and evening. Dental floss and mouthwash should not miss the daily habit of cleaning and visiting the dentist every six months for professional cleaning is absolutely necessary.

Despite the "fragility" that shows the dental implant, the post surgical care they require, it remains a major breakthrough dental industry and an excellent tool in playback functionality and aesthetics of the masticatory apparatus by a physician.


Dental implants are the only proven way to prevent bone loss after the loss of natural teeth.

Implant Dentistry



CAD CAM Technology for your crowns!

CEREC is the unique CAD/CAM system for patient individual all-ceramic restorations in one single appointment. Together with CEREC we provide quickly and safely to your desired results: aesthetic restorations. A further important objective is also achieved, the creation of value remains that belongs to out practice.

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